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The Perfect Header
The Perfect Header

The Perfect Header

visual effect

A good header needs to put attention on the title and then lead the reader to the description, which must be readable.

A few quick hacks to achieve this hierarchy include:

  1. Stronger font-weight for the title
  2. A consistent type scale system. The most common is x1.25, which means that if the title is 40px, the subtitle must be 40/1.25 = 32px.
  3. Lower contrast for the subtitle
  4. Proper line-height for the description text.
  5. Left alignment, since it boosts readability
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Use Better Link Button

Links are important and you need to treat their appearance nicely. Many times a traditional button works better than a single link. Especially if the link is not on a header, footer, or the body of an article. Always make the copy actionable and hint at the action they initiate.


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