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Validate Deletion
Validate Deletion

Validate Deletion

dangerous actions

Never allow the user to delete something without validation.

People misclick all the time, and losing information forever hurts and creates a bad memory related to your product!

Make sure your UI supports (inline or popup) deletion validation.

Even the undo functionality is useful in these scenarios, although it's impossible sometimes due to engineering restrictions.

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The Perfect Header

A good header needs to put attention on the title and then lead the reader to the description, which must be readable. A few quick hacks to achieve this hierarchy include: 1. Stronger font-weight for the title 2. A consistent type scale system. The most common is x1.25, which means that if the title is 40px, the subtitle must be 40/1.25 = 32px. 3. Lower contrast for the subtitle 4. Proper line-height for the description text. 5. Left alignment, since it boosts readability

visual effect

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