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Prefer Social Auth
Prefer Social Auth

Prefer Social Auth


Social authentication can boost conversions and remove friction from your user onboarding.

In the early days of MagicPattern when I had almost 10k users, 79% of them used Google auth to create an account and try the product.

The benefits of social auth are:

  • Less friction since you don't have to fill in all the information
  • Better onboarding because you don't have to enter your email, name, profile picture and other information manually
  • Quicker login all the next times since you don't have to remember your password

The only drawback is about privacy, since you allow big corporations (like Google, Facebook, Twitter) know which product you use.

That's why it's always a good practice to give an option for your users to use the traditional email/password auth*

* Hide it visually, to promote social auth though.

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