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How To Enhance Hierarchy
How To Enhance Hierarchy

How To Enhance Hierarchy

visual effect

Visual hierarchy is important in design because it boosts the user experience and leads the user attention

Your No.1 priority is to make your primary action (aka CTA) prominent.

In this case, the button that initiates the booking process is the main CTA.

Then you need to make text readable & distinguish element types. eg. Tags must not look like the primary button.

Play with text attributes (weight, size, line height) to hack visual attention & hierarchy.

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Make Cards Look Clickable

In many cases, cards fail to indicate that they're clickable. Designers omit CTA buttons and only count on the user's experience or/and, hover effects. **In design, it's always a good practice to never leave things on user imagination.** Instead use an actionable button to prompt clickability and describe the action.


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